Meet Dr. Houle

Dr. Tom Houle, is a licensed clinical psychologist and clinical social worker whose wide-ranging professional experiences include working in a women's correctional facility, a veterans' administration hospital, a mental hospital, and a residential treatment facility for children. He's also taught at the college level and has conducted a decades-long private practice in clinical psychology.

This wealth of experience has led him to develop the Houle Relationship Approach (HRA) which suggests that human relationships are the main contributors to psychological problems including mental illnesses.

In fact, his most recent publications, The Intimate-Marital Relationship: Its Problems and Their Corrections and How to Make Your Teenager Want to Behave: A Practical Guide for Fixing Your Teen’s Behavior Problems (and your pre-teen’s problems, too), address two of the most common and yet most complex problem relationships: the marital relationship and the parent-child relationship.

Dr. Houle holds a BS from the University of Minnesota, an MS from the University of Wisconsin, and a Ph.D . from Michigan State University. He also has a post­doctoral MS in clinical psychopharmacology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

In my work I often deal with parents of troubled teens. I think this approach can have good results for many of these kids. There are some very practical suggestions here.
Brian B.