Using This Book

How To Use The Book

Dr. Houle wrote his book in a way that allows you a choice in how to use the program.

You could read the book in the standard manner, starting from the first chapter in Section I and reading through to the last chapter in Section II.

Or you could use this book as a manual by first reading Section II and putting the program into effect immediately.

Then you may want to read Section I while your program is in operation.

In Section I (Chapters 1 through 7), you will learn about your teenager and his or her psychological makeup, your teenager’s problem and how it is displayed.

The section continues with a discussion about you and your relationship with your teenager.

Section I also presents the rationale for applying the Houle Relationship Approach to problem behavior.

Section II (Chapters 8 through 15) presents methods for correcting your teenager’s problematic behavior.

It shows you how to change behavior by guiding you through the steps for implementing the Parent Point Program.

Chapter List
Section I   Your Teenager, Your Teenager’s Behavior, Your Relationship with Your Teenager]

Chapter 1    Your Teenager: Once a Child

Chapter 2    Behavior and Your Teenager

Chapter 3     What Your Teenager Does

Chapter 4     What Your Teenager Says

Chapter 5     Our World of Relationships

Chapter 6     Relationships and Rules

Chapter 7     Discipline, Discipline Problems and the Houle Relationship Approach

Section II   How to Change Your Teenager’s Behavior

Chapter 8     Avoiding the Discussion Trap

Chapter 9     How to Motivate Your Teenager (Read an excerpt from this chapter)

Chapter 10   Connecting Rules and Responsibilities to Privileges

Chapter 11    Presenting the Parent Point Program to Your Teenager

Chapter 12    Adjusting the Parent Point Program

Chapter 13    School Problems and the Parent Point Program

Chapter 14    Phasing out the Parent Point Program

Chapter 15    Two More Techniques

As a high school guidance counselor I can see how this program could really make a difference for a great many teenagers. It does require some serious parental or guardian involvement, but the results could be amazing!
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